Vision 2031

Trafford Partnership is embarking on a vision for 2031 that sees partners work together to close the inequality gaps and maximise Trafford’s huge potential so that No one is held back or left behind. The principles of the vision are:

People - We will help you to help yourself and each other

Place - Create places where people want to live, learn, work, invest and relax

This will be achieved by

• Creating place plans for Trafford for the next 15 years

• A Trafford Partnership, whole borough approach

• Addressing inequalities

• Recognising the distinct places that make up Trafford, whilst shaping a Trafford identity

• Identifying opportunities to invest in our towns and neighbourhoods, invest to save, making savings, reducing demand on services, building individual and community resilience, changing culture and improving outcomes for everyone in Trafford


There are seven overarching borough-wide Interventions that are the Vision’s primary purpose:

1)    Mersey Valley becomes a significant visitor attraction that connects the North to the South of the Borough

We have some great natural resources in the Mersey Valley. By building a new visitor attraction we can encourage residents to visit, participate and improve their fitness; whilst attracting other people to visit and spend.  

2)    Creating a national beacon for sports, leisure and activity for all, making Trafford a destination of choice

Developing our sports, leisure and activity offer to help Trafford residents become the most physically active in the country. By creating a national beacon we can bring visitors to the area bringing additional income to local businesses. 

3)    Accelerate housing and economic growth so everybody benefits

Build a range of quality housing to attract people to Trafford and support residents to buy their new home. Develop an attractive offer for business to come and be based in Trafford; creating employment opportunities and additional spend in the borough.

4)    Co-designing and co-producing services to enable people, communities and businesses to work together, help themselves and each other

Ensure all services in the Borough are joined up to support people to help themselves and each other.

5)    Building Strong Communities

Encourage and enable people to get involved in their community, take pride in where they live and take responsibility for themselves and each other.

6)    Developing a wider education and skills offer that better connects people to jobs

Develop an education offer which links young people to employers and expands their aspirations and options.

7)    Optimising technology to improve lives and productivity

Developing technology so that residents reach their full digital potential and their access to work and services is improved in the most effective way. Supporting businesses to exploit digital solutions to become more successful and generate economic growth in the community whilst reducing costs to the public purse.

Initial work has been carried to assess how these interventions could be applied proportionately to the places that make up Trafford to deliver the vision and reduce inequalities whilst retaining each area’s unique character. All partners recognise that we cannot achieve the Vision without everyone’s input. We need to work together across the borough and with our residents and communities to build on the cooperation already created through the Trafford Partnership. New relationships will be developed to bring resources; financial, physical, digital and cultural so that positive changes can be made towards a common purpose. This will mean involving communities and bringing them closer together and working with businesses, particularly in relation to investment.


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