Safer Trafford Partnership

The Safer Trafford Partnership is the lead partnership on the delivery of the Safety & Reassurance Key Objective and its priority outcomes in the Sustainable Community Strategy document 'Trafford Vision 2021: A blueprint'.

The Safer Trafford Partnership was formed as a result of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, which places a duty on local services such as the Police, Council, Fire Service, Health, Children’s Services, Housing and Probation to work together to reduce crime. It is jointly chaired by Chief Superintendent Mary Doyle of Greater Manchester Police (Trafford/Salford Division) and Theresa Grant, Chief Executive of Trafford Council

The purpose of the Safer Partnership is:

  • To reduce crime and the fear of crime through a multi-agency action led partnership
  • To create and sustain inclusive, vibrant communities where people feel safe
  • To ensure that Services and agencies work in Partnership in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998

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Trafford Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018 - 2021

Domestic Abuse is a complex social issue which affects people from all communities and cultures, and impacts all services. Trafford Partnership is committed to addressing the causes, and reducing the impact of domestic abuse. In Trafford we are committed to enabling our residents, their families and communities to live a healthy life, free from abuse and violence. We will support this by reducing the impact of domestic abuse on the population of Trafford by developing and implementing a sustainable system wide approach to prevention, early intervention, response and support. The strategy can be read here.

Trafford’s Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018-2021 has been prepared by Helen Gollins, Public Health Consultant, Trafford Council, on behalf of Trafford’s Domestic Abuse Strategic Forum, Personal and Family Safeguarding Sub-Group, June 2018.

Key documents

Safer Trafford Partnership - Membership 2020

 Member Organisation
Caroline Hemmingway (Chair) Greater Manchester Police
Jane Le Fevre Trafford Council
Councillor Mike Freeman Trafford Council
Paul Duggan Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue
Eleanor Roaf Trafford Council - Public Health
(TBC) Your Housing Group
Jacqui Coulton Trafford CCG
(TBC) Irwell Valley Housing Association
Cathy Rooney Trafford Council - Safeguarding and Professional Development
Glynis Williams Trafford Council - Children Services
Andy Zilkha Youth Offending Service
Samantha Stapleton Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation
Maureen Noble Trafford Safeguarding Board
Steph Petrou University Academy '92
Darren McKinnon/Debbie Gorman Trafford Housing Trust 
Andrew Roberts Greater Manchester Probation
Helen Grant Trafford Council - Community Safety