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Welcome to April's Policy e-Bulletin which provides links to policy initiatives relevant to Trafford. We select from the resources listed at the end of the publication.

All views and feedback welcome:

Cross Directorate

Social Mobility Strategy: 05/04/11

Government’s announces new strategies for social mobility and tackling child poverty – Read more

Community Budgets: 30/03/11

First 16 pioneer schemes to commence on 1 April – Read more

Sustainable Communities Act: 29/03/11

Consultation on regulation under the act, deadline 20 June – Read more

Indices of Deprivation 2010: 24/03/11

Statistical release on levels of deprivation across England – Read more

Budget 2011: 23/03/11

Budget documents – Read more

Implications for public services – Read more

Public Sector Equality Duty: 17/03/11

General Equality Duty to replace the existing race, disability and gender equality duties and will also cover gender reassignment in full, age, religion or belief and sexual orientation from 5 April 2011 – Read more

Local Government Finance: 17/03/11

Phase two of the Local Government Resource Review to commence on April 1 – Read more

Fuel Poverty: 14/03/11

Call for evidence for review, closing date 6 June – Read more

Local Government’s Legal Duties: 08/03/11

Review to lighten statutory burden launched – Read more

Green Deal: 08/03/11

Greater Manchester pioneering the transformation of social housing – Read more

Equality Act 2010: 03/03/11

Consultation on areas where different treatment might be justified, closing date 25 May – Read more

Supporting the Voluntary Sector: 01/03/11

Councils urged to consider voluntary sector impact of budget decisions – Read more

Sharing Data between Central and Local Government: 01/03/11

Consultation on how customer data can be shared between the Department for Work and Pensions and local authorities, closing date 25 April – Read more

Children and Young People’s Services Directorate

Replacing the EMA: 28/03/11

Consultation on the government's proposed package for financial support for 16-19 year olds in education or training, closing date 20 May – Read more

School Inspection Framework: 21/03/11

Consultation on Ofsted’s proposed school inspection framework for 2012, deadline 20 May – Read more

Family & Friends Care: 16/03/11

Statutory guidance for local authorities – Read more

Children’s Homes: 14/03/11

Guidance to local authorities about their functions under Parts 3 and 6-8 of the Children Act 1989 – click here

Raising the Standard of Teaching: 11/03/11

Independent review launched – Read more

Schools Financial Value Standard: 10/03/11

Consultation on the proposed new standard to replace the Financial Management Standard in Schools, deadline 30 April – Read more

Special Educational Needs & Disability: 09/03/11

Consultation on wide-ranging proposals, closing date 30 June – Read more

Communities and Wellbeing Directorate

Transparency in Outcomes: 31/03/11

Government response to consultation – Read more

Safe and Active Communities: 29/03/11

Report on new approach on community activism and tackling crime – Read more

Safeguarding Adults: 14/03/11

Guidance for health services – Read more

GP Consortia: 10/03/11

Proposed statutory functions of GP Commissioning Consortia – Read more

Ending Violence against Women: 08/03/11

Action plan from the review now published – Read more

NHS Charges: 04/03/11

Increase in charges for prescriptions and dental services – Read more

Economic Growth and Prosperity Directorate

Local Plans: 30/03/11

Letter to chief planning officers – Read more

Local Investment Plan for Greater Manchester: 14/03/11

Part two of the plan from AGMA and the Communities Agency for how to generate investment in housing and regeneration in Greater Manchester – Read more

National Planning Casework Unit: 10/03/11

Letter to chief planning officers on arrangements for handling planning casework following the closure of the Regional Government Offices – Read more

Pre-planning consultation with Communities: 28/02/11

Explanation of the duty imposed on developers to consult with local communities under the Localism Bill – Read more

Environment, Transport & Operations Directorate

Pothole Repairs: 23/03/11

Extra funds announced – Read more

Renewable Energy Directive: 10/03/11

Consultation on the implementation of the transport elements of the directive, closing date 2 June – Read more

Tobacco Control: 09/03/11

End of tobacco displays in shops and further measures under Healthy Lives, Healthy People – Read more

The Carbon Plan: 08/03/11

Cross-Government action plan on climate change – Read more

Transformation and Resources Directorate

Future of Local Public Audit: 30/03/11

Consultation on new regime for audit, closing date 30 June – Read more

5 May Referendum: 25/03/11

Guide for counting officers and electoral administrators on verification and counting of votes – Read more

Fair Pay: 15/03/11

Final report from the Hutton review of fair pay in the public sector – Read more

Public Service Pensions: 10/03/11

Final report from the Independent Public Services Pension Commission – Read more

New Research

Including Migrants in Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: 15/03/11

Guide from Local Government Improvement and Development – Read more

Social Mobility: 11/03/11

Literature review from BIS – Read more

Understanding Society: 28/02/11

First findings from the comprehensive ESRC study providing a snap shot of UK households – Read more

Resources: CABE, AGMA, BBC, CLG, Home Office, DE, Demos, Info4local, Institute of Local Government Studies, Institute of Public Policy Research, LocalGov, LGC, LGA and First Online, New Economics Foundation, North West Regional Intelligence Unit,, Policy Hub (Civil Service), PWC Government and Public Sector Weekly News, Progressive Governance, Public Servant, Management Journal.

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