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FutureTrafford join the conversation image of a young guy wearing a medical uniform

Imagine your #FutureTrafford… what do you see? 

In February 2020, we set out to launch our #FutureTrafford campaign. A campaign dedicated to helping Trafford develop into the future.

Unfortunately, the pandemic and lockdown meant we had to put things on hold.

But we’re back! And even more motivated to re-start the conversation!

Those of us who are lucky to live in Trafford know it is a thriving place. A place that thousands of people and families call home.

Not only do we call it home - it offers great workplaces, great communities and great tourist spots to visit.

But we want to make sure we do everything we can to recover from the social and economic impacts of Covid-19.

We know from talking to you that there are a few common worries:

  • Your own work and employment, and how to find work or learn new skills.
  • How local businesses and the local economy will survive
  • The opportunities available for our young people
  • How to promote a culture of helping our neighbours, from recycling better to celebrating our community heroes.

We want to check we’ve not missed any worries or great ideas - this is your Borough, and it’s more important than ever that we hear your thoughts, your voices.

So, let us know - how do you see your #FutureTrafford?

All your contributions will help shape the Recovery Plan for the whole of Trafford – so have your say, today!