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FutureTrafford join the conversation image of a young guy wearing a medical uniform

Imagine your #FutureTrafford… what do you see? 

Trafford is already a thriving place that thousands of people call home, work and a great place to visit.  But what makes it special to you? And what can we change to make it even better?

We want you to share your thoughts on how to make Trafford a better place and help steer the focus for #FutureTrafford. Is it more homes, less litter, better shops or something else entirely?

Over the next 10 years we want to work together to change Trafford for the better.  So whatever your #FutureTrafford, please join the conversation and have your say.  In a few months’ time we’ll reveal some of the most popular thoughts and ideas shaped by you. We hope that this is just the start of our conversation.