Health and Wellbeing Board

Traffords Health and Wellbeing Board brings together elected Councillors, key commissioners, including representatives of Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group, the Director of Public Health, Children’s Services and Adult Social Services, a representative of HealthWatch and third sector representation.

The Health and Wellbeing Board connects Trafford into the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, and oversees three thematic partnerships:

The Board oversees the Health and Social Care Locality Plan which will help develop a place based, partnership approach to health and social care in Trafford, and will encompass all aspects of wellbeing such as work and skills, housing, physical activity, and crime and offending.

The Health and Wellbeing Board operates alongside Trafford's Local Care Alliance (LCA) which is an integral part of our new operating model for commissioning in Trafford. It is an alliance of provider organisations, community health, social care, primary care including general practice, mental health and VCSE sector organisations which are committed to working in partnership, delivering a place-based approach to strategic commissioning and outcome focused models of care in Trafford, so that we can deliver better health and social care outcomes for the people of Trafford. 

Trafford Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-19

The Trafford Health and Wellbeing Board is determined to increase the number of years people spend in good health. This is measured by Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE). The variation across the borough for this indicator is greater than for life expectancy, and we have a 16 year inequality between our most affluent and most deprived communities.

To improve HLE, we are focussing on preventing poor health and on promoting wellbeing. We must address 'wider determinants' of health such as housing, transport, employment and the environment we live in. The Health and Wellbeing Board is focussed on our residents' journeys through life, taking a life course approach that reflects the public health needs of that age group.

We have five overarching health and wellbeing priorities:

  • To reduce the impact of poor mental health
  • To reduce physical inactivity
  • To reduce the number of people who smoke or use tobacco
  • To reduce harms from alcohol
  • To improve cancer prevention and screening

To deliver these priorities in partnership, we have established four sub boards:

  • Start Well Board (maternity, children and young people)
  • Live Well Board (19-64 years, including lifestyle and health improvement)
  • Age Well Board (65 years plus, including the impacts of falls, frailty, dementia and end of life care)
  • Mental Health Partnership (delivery of the new Mental Health Strategy for Trafford)

The membership of the sub boards is made up of statutory and voluntary organisations. The boards welcome representatives from voluntary and community groups to join; please contact Sarah Grant on the details below if you would like to attend.

The meeting dates for the sub boards are listed below:

  • Start Well Board - Thursday 27th June, Thursday 15th August, Wednesday 9th October
  • Live Well Board - Wednesday 24th April, Friday 26th July, Tuesday 1st October
  • Age Well Board - Dates are to be confirmed
  • Mental Health Partnership - Wednesday 17th April, Tuesday 23rd July, Tuesday 29th October

For more information on the Health and Wellbeing Board please contact Sarah Grant from the Partnerships and Communities Team on 0161 912 3881 or at

Membership of the Health and Wellbeing Board

Health and Wellbeing Membership 2014/15
 Member Position Organisation
Cllr Judith Lloyd (Chair)

Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing

Trafford Council
Andy Worthington Chair of the Strategic Sports and Physical Activity Partnership Strategic Sports and Physical Activity Partnership
Caroline Davidson Chief Executive Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Caroline Hemingway Chief Inspector Greater Manchester Police
Cathy Rooney Director of Safeguarding and Professional Development Trafford Council
Chris Daly Medical Director Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust
Diane Eaton Director of Integrated Services Trafford Council
Dorothy Evans VCSE Representative African Caribbean Care Group
Eleanor Roaf Interim Director of Public Health Trafford Council
Emma Tilston Director of Finance Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust
Heather Fairfield Chair of HealthWatch HealthWatch Trafford
Cllr Jane Baugh Executive Member for Children's Services Trafford Council
Cllr Jane Brophy Councillor Trafford Council
Cllr Joanne Harding Executive Member for Adult Social Care Trafford Council
Cllr John Lamb Shadow Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing Trafford Council
Mandy Bailey Deputy Chief Executive   Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Mark Jarvis Clinical Director for Quality and Performance Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group
Martyn Pritchard Accountable Officer Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group
Maureen Noble Joint Chair of the Children and Adults Safeguarding Board Safeguarding Adults and Children Boards
Michelle Hill VCSE Representative Talk Listen Change
Paul Duggan Borough Commander Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue
Richard Spearing Integrated Network Director Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust
Sally Johnston (Deputy Chair)

Chair of Trafford CCG

Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group
Sara Radcliffe

Corporate Director for Commissioning

Trafford CCG / Trafford Council
Shaun Donnellan

Chief Superintendent

Greater Manchester Police
In Attendance
Becci Horton Mental Health Practitioner Trafford Housing Trust
John Wareing Director of Strategy Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Karen Ahmed Director of All Age Commissioning Trafford Council
Kerry Purnell Head of Partnerships and Communities Trafford Partnership
Cllr Michael Whetton Shadow Executive Member for Children's Services Trafford Council
Ric Taylor Commissioning Manager, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group
Sarah Grant Senior Partnerships and Communities Officer Trafford Partnership
Cllr Stephen Anstee Shadow Executive Member for Adult Social Care Trafford Council

Key Documents

Sub Board Minutes

Start Well Board Minutes 15.3.19

Live Well Board Minutes 16.1.19

Start Well Board Minutes 8.1.19

Live Well Board Minutes 16.11.18

Start Well Board Minutes 9.11.18

Mental Health Partnership Minutes 9.10.18

Live Well Board Minutes 26.9.18

Start Well Board Minutes 10.9.18

Live Well Board Minutes 3.7.18

Age Well Board Minutes 21.6.18

Mental Health Partnership Minutes 7.6.18

Mental Health Partnership Minutes 27.3.18

Terms of Reference

Start Well Board Terms of Reference

Live Well Board Terms of Reference

Age Well Board Terms of Reference

Mental Health Partnership Terms of Reference

Health and Wellbeing Board Terms of Reference


Public Health Report 2018

Trafford's Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-19

Public Health Annual Report 

Your Health and lifestyle in Trafford 2017

Trafford Health and Social Care Locality Plan

Trafford Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Trafford Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Trafford Health and Wellbeing Board's position statement on e-cigarettes


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