Trafford Partnership Board

The Trafford Partnership Board brings together representatives from the Health and Wellbeing Board, Growth Board and Strong Communities Board, alongside business and community representatives and non-Executive Directors.

It is led by a Chair Group of Cllr Sean Anstee, Leader of Trafford Council, Reverend Roger Sutton, local faith leader, and Matthew Gardiner, Chief Executive of Trafford Housing Trust.


  • To provide oversight to performance of Trafford Partnership and its delivery of the 2021 Vision, the Community Strategy for Trafford and oversee the production of similar agreements in the future
  • To provide strategic connectivity, insight and influence to the Greater Manchester Public Service Reform and devolution agendas
  • To lead efforts to better align public resources, including pooling resources where appropriate, in order to reduce duplication and deliver improved outcomes at less cost
  • To provide overall accountability for delivery against the growth and reform agendas for Trafford
  • To provide strong and effective leadership to the Trafford Partnership, by challenging one another, holding each other to account and overcoming any blockages within own organisations
  • To challenge the relevant commissioning organisations or partnerships with delivering the activity and services needed to address priorities identified by the Trafford Partnership Board
  • To work to integrate relevant data, research and intelligence functions and promote shared understanding and analysis of needs etc. across public services
  • To sponsor and monitor progress of key service reform projects
  • To ensure effective links between the Strategic Boards (Growth, Health & Wellbeing and Strong Communities Boards) and with localities through engagement with the Locality Partnerships and by facilitating regular networking opportunities
  • To escalate or refer matters where there is changing demographic need or issue in Trafford that needs further exploration.
  • Ensure community  is at heart of what we do by leading on social cohesion, fostering asset based community development and ensuring priorities and outcomes are informed by effective community engagement

Members of the Trafford Partnership Board

Councillor Sean Anstee (Co-Chair) Leader of Trafford Council
Rev. Roger Sutton (Co-Chair) Chair of the Strong Communities Board

Matthew Gardiner (Co-Chair)

Chief Executive of Trafford Housing Trust

Richard Paxton

Chair of the Inclusive Growth Board

Wayne Miller 

Chief Superintendent of Greater Manchester Police 

Theresa Grant

Chief Executive of Trafford Council and Accountable officer for Trafford CCG

Leslie Davies 

Principal of Trafford College

Matthew Colledge

Chair of Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group

Edna Robinson 

Chair of Trafford Housing Trust

Ralph Rudden

Community Representative

Councillor John Lamb

Council Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing

Councillor Laura Evans

Council Executive Member for Communities and Partnerships
In Attendance
Richard Roe Acting Corporate Director - Economic Growth, Environment and Infrastructure

Joanne Hyde

Corporate Director - Transformation and Resources

Jill Colbert

Corporate Director - Children, Families and Wellbeing

Kerry Purnell

Head of Service, Partnerships and Communities, Trafford Council

 Agendas and minutes from all meetings are available on request by emailing

 Terms of Reference for the Trafford Partnership Board.


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