Sale Locality Partnership


A page to offer some information on Sale and how you can be involved in making where you live a great place to live, work and play.

What Makes Sale, Sale

These are the things that make Sale, Sale:

  • Sale has access to the Bridgewater Canal and lots of nice shops.
  • Sale has an arts centre, Waterside with a theatre and gallery.
  • Sale Leisure Centre with its gym, swimming pool and a wide range of  activities
  • Sale has many wonderful parks which include Worthington Park and Walkden Gardens.
  • Sale has a Metrolink Station which takes you across Trafford and Greater Manchester.
  • There are lots of good schools in Trafford and Sale has its own Grammar and High School as well as lots of Primary Schools.

Both, Joanne Ellor-Foden and Robina Sheikh have been working collaboratively and innovatively to make best use of the assets that are in the Sale locality.

“We are bringing people together, from individual residents, businesses, community and faith groups, councillors, community leaders and public sector bodies, to work in partnership and share resources.  

We offer support to develop your ideas by making full use of the physical and human assets, financial resources and community spirit that thrives within our localities.

By supporting local partnerships we are able to use our knowledge of the locality to project manage one off events such as Remembrance Day and Trafford Live as well as offering advice on funding, promotion, safeguarding and licencing for community events such as Fun Days in parks town centres and community centres.

We help to facilitate local partnerships that exist in Sale West, Sale Moor and the town centre. These partnerships have been set up to improve the lives and wellbeing of Sale residents and well as helping to bring more people into Sale from across Trafford and beyond.

We work closely with all types of sectors – community, voluntary and the private as well as individuals with passion and enthusiasm. We want each sector to be strengthened by our support as together we are building stronger communities, improving health & wellbeing and ensuring children and young people are attainting high levels of achievement, academically or sporting or both.   

So if you need any information on Sale please contact us, we might be able to answer your query or put you in touch with someone who can   


Joanne Ellor-Foden/Robina Sheikh - Communities Officers Job Share and 

Telephone: 0161 912 4145 /1361/1173  or Mobile: 07894 489240/07760 167056





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